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Precision Fence Company of Long Island Mentions 5 Benefits Of PVC Vinyl Fence Installation

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Precision Fence Company in Long Island offers many fencing options.  The most popular are PVC Vinyl fences.  Precision Fence Company carries PVC Vinyl Fences by many brand manufacturers such as Everstrong due to its’ versatility and affordability. These fences are available in different colors and textures. PVC Fences need very little maintenance and do not have to be painted or protected from termites and rot. PVC Vinyl Fences are simply worry free.

1. Facts and Benefits of PVC Vinyl Fencing

Precision Fence Company of Long Island will install any kind of fence you project or property requires. You may need to obtain a permit first as zoning regulations specify what types of materials can be used for fencing in your town as well as the dimensions that are required by town or city codes. 

Did you know that PVC Vinyl was invented in the mid-20th century? PVC Vinyl fencing came into being most popular in the 1980s. Now with PVC Vinyl fences popularity and demand they now come with warranties generally for periods longer than their life expectancy.  PVC Vinyl fences can be recycled putting all fears of impending and future ecological danger. PVC Vinyl fences are the ideal choice for projects that require littler or no maintenance compared to custom wood or cedar fences.

2. PVC Vinyl Fencing Strength and Flexibility

PVC Vinyl is nearly five times as strong as wood and takes much more to take down a PVC Vinyl fence than a wooden fence. Due to the flexibility of PVC Vinyl fence, it makes it a good choice in an extreme weather conditions or in strong wind and rain.  Wood fences deteriorate rapidly from moist conditions as well as areas with high sun or salt water exposure.  PVC Vinyl fences are also preferred in seaside locations which see a significant amount of salt water exposure. PVC Vinyl fences are great for animal and wildlife containment due to the inability for animals like horses to crew through or get injured if they attempt to break through or penetrate barriers.

3. PVC Vinyl Fencing Maintenance

The maintenance required in vinyl fences is next to nothing. Cleaning and restoration is extremely easy and is maintained with soap and water. This will keep you vinyl fence clean and sparkling. PVC Vinyl does not change color or lose its color and there is no need to repaint. There is NO primer needed to protect it from rust and there is also no danger of rotting or insect attacks when you have vinyl fencing.

4. PVC Vinyl Fencing is Non-Toxic

PVC Vinyl fencing is non-toxic because it is not treated with harmful or hazardous chemicals. Since it is recycled, there is no wastage involved. PVC Vinyl fences consist of 51 percent of chlorine which is derived from salt, and 49 percent is made from hydrocarbons that are derived from natural gas. Recycling PVC Vinyl is slowly but steadily gathering momentum which only makes sense to install a PVC Vinyl fence over a custom wood or aluminum fence. 

5. Economical Choice of Installing A PVC Vinyl Fence

Buying a PVC Vinyl fence is less expensive than a wood or aluminum fence. Since there is minimal maintenance required, you will also save the money you might have to spend on maintaining a wood or aluminum fence. This includes savings on the maintenance and  repainting costs as well as costs of primer or other treatments that might be required to keep the fence safe from termites and deterioration due to climate and other natural elements.