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Your Decking Fall Maintenance Guide

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blog story 19 02It’s that time again. Department stores are showing off sweaters, and the leaves are falling — and piling up on the deck, of course.

As we transition into autumn, it is important to perform proper maintenance and cleaning, so your deck will stay a safe and beautiful escape for years to come. The good news? With composite decking, you can count your blessings that you won’t have to think about painting, staining or sealing.

Over the last year, you have enjoyed deck parties, kids’ activities, grilling out and of course, staycations. It’s safe to say our decks could use some TLC. So take these tips to heart, and you’ll be prepared for many more seasons of fun.

Clear the way

The crisp reds, oranges and yellows of fall make it a beautiful season. But once those lovely leaves start invading the deck, it’s a different story. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid the seasonal pileup.

Begin by moving any deck furniture. If you’ll still use it for a while, just temporarily relocate it while you clean. If you’re in a colder climate and are ready to retire furniture for the season, check the storage recommendations for your specific set. Many types can get wiped down with mild detergent and water, dried, and then brought inside for the winter.

Next, trim any foliage that’s encroaching on your deck. Pruning your trees and shrubs keeps your deck safe and aesthetically pleasing, but it also improves the health of your plants. If you’re new to pruning, check out the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s tips on How to Prune Trees — or talk to the pros at your local garden center.

Sweeping leaves off your deck will also make maintenance easier in the long run. Since leaves trap moisture, they are a pain if winter weather freezes them to your deck. And once they break down, you’ll encounter an extra layer of filth. So unleash your broom or blower on those little guys — before they pile up to a bigger problem.

Clean it like you mean it

blog story 19 03This is the perfect time of year to take stock of your deck’s condition. Do you see any dirt, grime, tannin or mildew stains? If so, hose off the deck and then let it dry.

For those with wood-plastic composite decks, most stains simply can be cleaned with a little soap and water. For set stains, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and repairs. To find out the best way to maintain different types of TimberTech decking products, visit the TimberTech Care & Cleaning page.

Now — doesn’t that feel better? While cleaning isn’t the best part of deck ownership, just a little effort keeps a low-maintenance alternative deck looking like new, year after year.